6 Ways To Improve Your Home Security

29 July 2016

Feeling safe and content in your own home is one of the most important priorities for a comfortable home life. It’s vital that your home security features will be able to keep your home protected, whether you’re in the house or away from it. Even the smallest feature will play its part in sealing your doors and windows, which are the target route of entry and exit for burglars. So from bolts to door locks to security tape, we’ve compiled a list of ways to increase your home security.

1. Replace Weak Locks

Having a dodgy door or window lock is certainly not worth the risk when it comes to keeping your property secure. Update your locks with our reliable range of door locks including dead bolts, keeps and more to keep your home protected. The better your choice of security, the more protected your home will be.

2. Get To Know Your Neighbours
It’s always a good idea to get to know your neighbours as it will give you the chance to keep an eye out for each other and your belongings when you’re away. You don’t have to be absolute best friends with your neighbour, but if you are on polite terms, it will be beneficial for the security of your property.

3. Review Your Door Locks
You should regularly review the quality of your front and back door locks to make sure they are operating efficiently. Flush bolts and nuts are ideal for adding extra protection and security to your doors and are certainly worth the time to keep your property safe.

4. Place Keys Away From Sight
Although it’s easy to leave your keys near the door, this is the most obvious place burglars will look to try and retrieve them. It is recommended to store your keys, car keys and any spare house key in a smart spot that is not easily accessible or visible through a window or letterbox.

5. Check Window Locks
Are your window locks reliable? If they aren’t, you should immediately look to replace them with secure locks that will remain firmly closed when you leave the house. Important for safety and practicality, our range of window locks are designed to suit your preferred locking mechanism.

6. Sensor Lighting
Outdoor lighting provides a simple way of discouraging burglars as it makes it look as if there are occupants in the house and this will be visible to neighbours. Sensor lighting at the front and back door of your home will help to prevent potential thieves and will also make it easier for you to enter your property in the dark.

Protecting your household from crime is one of the most important things you can do to give you peace of mind in your own property. For all of our home security features, please click here.

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