4 Easy Ways To Properly Clean Your Windows

28 November 2017

Cleaning windows is one of less frequent household jobs we have to do, therefore knowing the right tricks for achieving a glimmering, streak-free shine will make your home look as bright and smart as it can be. But what exactly do you need to obtain that ultimate crystal clear look? SD Hardware have put together a guide to all the cleaning items you need, and many of them you'll be able to find around your own home!


Putting that bottle of vingar to good use on your windows will provide you with a guaranteed finish every time. Acetic vinegar is non-toxic with anti-bacterial properties, making it an incredibly cost-effective and safe way of keeping your windows looking great all-year-round. It works effectively at cutting through the dull, grubby film that accumulates on your household windows, leaving a streak free and sparkling finish. You can fill a spray bottle that consists of 50% tap water and 50% vinegar for a super quick and easy cleaning solution.

If vinegar isn't to your taste, nothing will clean better than warm water and soap with a window squeegee to hand!


Finished with your Sunday paper? Make use of old newspapers to give your windows a great finish - and no, this isn't a myth! In fact newspaper works far better than old rags and cloth which can result in smudging and smearing - simply bunch the paper up into a ball and buffer the glass surface in a circular motion. As newspaper is such as dense material, the tightly packed fibres cut through the dirt without damaging or scratching the glass.

Make Glass Scratches Vanish!

Scratches and scores on your windows would seem like permanent damaged, but they can be easily removed by applying some jeweller's rouge. Also known as polishing rouge, this fine powder compound is used for improving the look of precious metals, giving jewellery a mirror shine. Simply moisten the rouge and using a soft cloth rub over the glass and watch the scratches and abrasions begin to fade away.

Need Something Stronger?

Occasionally cleaning jobs require something a little more professional to achieve an immaculate shine. Isopropyl Glass Cleaner is a heavy duty rubbing alcohol for stripping away all labels, oil and grease that appears on glass.

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