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Sash Window Weights

Steel and Lead Weights are a key component of any sash window, used to counterbalance the weight of the panel when opening and closing, allowing your window to remain still in any position. Our selection of sash window weights are a time-tested product and will ensure your windows function effectively.

Available in a selection of weights, sizes and shapes, our collection of steel, lead and make weights will provide you with the perfect solution to get the job done. Choose from a range of sizes including 38mm & 45mm 600mm sticks of lead to an array of weights from 6lb to 32lb ready to be delivered to you next day.

We also offer a bespoke service and can arrange for lead or steel to be cut down to your required size and weight. Please contact our sales team for this service.

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What are sash window weights?

Sash window weights are counterweights used in double-hung sash windows to balance the weight of the window sashes, allowing for smooth opening and closing.

How do I determine the correct weight for my sash windows?

Our weights range in weight from 6lb up to 32lb depending on your needs. It's important for the counterbalance to be heavier than the top sash. Sometimes this requires adding or removing weights (make weights) to achieve the correct balance. This helps to keep the top sash tightly shut without any gaps.

How do you find the weights on a sash window?

Finding the weights is fairly simple. Start by grabbing the sash cord just outside of the pully and pulling it out all of the way. This is how you'll find the top of the pocket cover that needs to be cut for the weights to be added. For cords that are intact, just grab the cord outside of the pulley and give it a pull.

Do all sash windows have weights?

Modern sash windows work with their mechanisms hidden inside the frame, similar to what you would find with a traditional sash window. However, there are some modern sash systems that use a loaded spring mechanism as opposed to a weight and cord. Newer sash windows also will use a torsion balance instead of a counter balance.

Should I use steel or lead sash weights?

Steel sash weights are a modern alternative to traditional lead weights. They offer a cost-effective solution and are suitable for balancing sash windows, particularly in scenarios where space allows for larger weight sizes. Lead sash weights are denser than steel, which means they can achieve the necessary counterbalance with smaller sized weights in a confined sash box space. This makes lead weights advantageous for certain window designs or where weight limitations are critical. Steel weights cover most scenarios as they are more cost-effective and less hazardous compared to lead. Follow our detailed guide for more information.

Are there alternative methods to balance sash windows?

Yes, besides traditional sash weights, spiral balances can also be used to balance sash windows. These alternatives can sometimes be easier to install and adjust.

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