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Door Thresholds

The SDH range of Door Thresholds are suitable for both inward or outward Single and French Doors. Manufactured from Aluminium with high-performance weather seals, this range of door thresholds will help protect your home effectively from wind, rain, and cold all year round.

We offer a range that will comply with Document Part M (Access to and use of buildings) ensuring that your home complies with building regulations.

Within the range, some thresholds are thermally broken ensuring that your home is protected not only from the cold but also from condensation that forms during cold weather.

Explore more of our products, such as our Foam Weather Seals, Heavy Duty & Commercial Seals as well as Retrofit Draughtseals.

For other options, check out our full Draught & Weather Seals collection.

As part of this range, we stock Door Thresholds, Drop Down Seals, Replacement Seals & Waterbars; our products are available in a range of sizes from 914mm up to 3m, and finishes including Aluminium, Black, Brown, Gold & White. If you product you require isn't listed below, please contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you in finding the correct product.

If you're a tradesperson looking to set up a trade account with us to buy products in bulk, please create an account via our trade account registration page.

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What types of door thresholds does SD Hardware offer?

SD Hardware supplies a number of different Thresholds designed for a variety of uses including for domestic or commercial uses. Heavy Duty Thresholds are ideal for commercial use, especially in places with heavy movement of goods and vehicles like warehouses, retail outlets, or storage units.

What sizes do door thresholds come in?

Our door thresholds come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 914mm up to 3m in length. Example sizes include 914mm (3ft), 990mm (3.25ft), 1066mm (3.5ft), 1220mm (4ft), 1524mm (5ft), 1829mm (6ft), 2134mm (7ft), 2439mm (8ft), 2744mm (9ft). Some profiles also come in 1m, 2m and 3m lengths. Varying profiles will provide a draughtseal for gaps under doors between 15mm to 20mm. If there is a size or profile you are specifically looking for and can't find on our website feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

What does Part M mean on a Door Threshold?

'Part M' ensures that the threshold is designed and installed in a way that provides easy access for all individuals, including those with disabilities. This is particularly important for communal entrances in properties. If a Door Threshold is labeled as 'Part M' it signifies that the threshold adheres to the accessibility standards specified in Document M of the UK Building Regulations.

Can I find door thresholds with specific dimensions or profiles to accommodate various door sizes and floor types?

SD Hardware stocks a wide variety of sizes, profiles and finishes. We stock thresholds suitable for inward opening doors, outward opening doors, or both as well as weather bars. All our Thresholds have data sheets displaying the profile and dimensions.

Are the door thresholds at SD Hardware effective in preventing draughts, water ingress, and improving energy efficiency?

Door thresholds help create a seal at the bottom of the door, reducing the infiltration of outside air. This is particularly important for maintaining indoor temperature and preventing drafts. They are designed to create a barrier that keeps rainwater, snow, or other external moisture from entering the interior space. Different types of thresholds, such as those with additional features like thermal breaks, offer enhanced performance in specific conditions.

What is a Thermally Broken Threshold?

Thermally Broken Thresholds incorporate custom construction to prevent the transfer of heat and cold, addressing issues related to temperature differences. They are also designed to prevent condensation and potential slipping hazards.

Can the Rubber Seals on a Door Threshold be replaced?

Our Exitex Thresholds are designed with high quality cellular EPDM rubber seals which offer excellent longevity. However, should a seal be worn or damaged then they can be easily replaced which offers a cost effective and efficient solution. See our range of Replacement Threshold Seals.

Are door thresholds necessary?

Yes, door thresholds are necessary for all homes. Not only do they offer energy efficiency and safety benefits, they are also stylish touches to improve the overall look and appearance of your door.

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