Trickle Vents

Our range of Trickle Vents are supplied by the world-leading manufacturer Titon.

Ventilation of a window is a very important contribution to the health of the inhabitants, installing trickle vents (an important aspect of window hardware) allows for the flow of fresh air and enables a healthy living environment. It is also now a legal requirement for new builds to feature vents, and although it isn't a requirement to install trickle vents on existing windows unless they already have them, it is encouraged to install them when replacing windows that do not already incorporate vents to allow for healthy ventilation throughout the home.

The extensive range of aluminium and plastic Trickle Vents, Canopies, and Grilles we stock will help your replacement windows or new build comply with Part F Building Regulations. We also stock a popular and competitive range of vents & canopies that come with a BBA Certification.

Helping to maintain natural passive ventilation, our range of trickle vents provides a small opening in window frames and doors that can be controlled by opening and closing the internal vent. And when fitted with a compatible canopy or grille, your home will have sufficient airflow for a healthy living environment.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact our friendly sales team, and they will happily assist you in finding the right product for your needs.

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Are trickle vents a good idea?

Yes, trickle vents are a great way to allow controlled ventilation and fresh air into your home. This gets rid of stale air indoors and helps with air circulation. To reduce moisture, it also helps to leave your trickle vents open at all times.

Are trickle vents necessary?

Currently, if your existing windows are equipped with trickle vents, then they are necessary. You should also replace the vents if you're replacing any windows that come with them. Otherwise, trickle vents are a great way to control ventilation and introduce more fresh air into your home while reducing moisture. However, the regulations for the requirement of Trickle Vents is changing. All replacement windows and doors in new-build and non new-build homes must incorporate Trickle Vents from the 15th June 2022 if there is no backgound ventilation installed.

Will trickle vents stop condensation?

Yes, definitely. They are designed to create ventilation and reduce condensation. This is done by the small opening that allows in fresh air and reduces condensation by allowing humid air to escape.

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