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Trickle Vents

Our range of Window Trickle Vents are supplied by the world-leading manufacturer Titon. At SD Hardware we carry a wide range of Titon window vents.

Ventilation of a window is a very important contribution to the health of the inhabitants, installing trickle vents (an important aspect of window hardware) allows for the flow of fresh air and enables a healthy living environment. It is also now a legal requirement for new builds to feature vents, and although it isn't a requirement to install trickle vents on existing windows unless they already have them, it is encouraged to install them when replacing windows that do not already incorporate vents to allow for healthy ventilation throughout the home.

The extensive range of aluminium and plastic Trickle Vents, Canopies, and Grilles we stock will help your replacement windows or new build comply with Part F Building Regulations. We also stock a popular and competitive range of vents & canopies that come with a BBA Certification.

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Helping to maintain natural passive ventilation, our range of trickle vents provide a small opening in window frames and doors that can be controlled by opening and closing the internal vent. And when fitted with a compatible canopy or grille, your home will have sufficient airflow for a healthy living environment.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please contact our friendly sales team, and they will happily assist you in finding the right product for your needs.

Read our latest blog post on the benefits of trickle vents.

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What are trickle vents and why are they important for windows?

A trickle vent is a small slot normally located above a window or door that allows for a small amount of ventilation in the home when the windows and doors are closed. Their purpose is to provide continuous and discreet background ventilation, allowing fresh air into the home at all times when left open; minimising poor ventilation and reducing issues such as condensation and mould build-up.

As we try to keep the warm air in our homes, the use of trickle vents has become important in ensuring that we minimise the number of pollutants such as germs, bacteria, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide inside the home. Permitting a small amount of air to flow from one side of the window to the other, trickle vents allow you to benefit from fresh air without opening your windows or doors, reducing the harbouring of germs and bacteria throughout the property.

When fitted in alongside a canopy or grille, the trickle vents installed on your windows will allow for sufficient airflow throughout your home, allowing for a healthy living environment for you and your family.

What types of trickle vents does SD Hardware offer?

Trickle vents come in various types, colours, materials and designs to suit different window styles and ventilation requirements. Some common types of trickle vents include: Surface-Mounted Trickle Vents: These are the most common type of trickle vents and are typically installed on the top or side of the window frame. They are visible from both the interior and exterior of the building. Surface-mounted trickle vents are relatively easy to install and provide effective ventilation.
Recessed Trickle Vents: Recessed trickle vents are designed to be partially or fully concealed within the window frame. They offer a more discreet appearance compared to surface-mounted vents and are often preferred for aesthetic reasons. Recessed vents may require more complex installation, but they provide a cleaner look.
Slot Trickle Vents: Slot trickle vents are named for their slim and elongated shape, resembling a narrow slot in the window frame. They are available in various lengths to accommodate different window sizes. Slot vents are usually surface-mounted and offer a sleek appearance.

Are the trickle vents at SD Hardware suitable for different types of windows, such as casement or sliding windows?

Trickle vents are suitable for various types of windows including casement and sliding sash windows. These can either be fitting to the top section of the window or in most cases for sliding sash windows the vent would be fitted into the head/frame section of the window.

Can I find trickle vents with specific airflow capacities or noise reduction features?

Yes. All trickle vents will specify an airflow rating with an EA rating.

What does EA mean on a Trickle Vent?

EA on a trickle vent stands for Equivalent Area (EA) and is a term used to describe the airflow capacity of trickle vents or other ventilation components in a building. It represents the effective or actual opening size of the vent in terms of the airflow it allows, rather than its physical dimensions.

The Equivalent Area is typically measured in square millimetres (mm²) or square inches (in²). It is determined by considering various factors that influence the actual airflow through the vent, such as resistance, pressure drop, and other design considerations. The Equivalent Area airflow is important because it allows for standardised comparisons of different types and sizes of trickle vents, ensuring that they can meet the required ventilation rates for specific room sizes and usage.

Are trickle vents mandatory?

All replacement windows and doors in new-build and non new-build homes must incorporate Trickle Vents if there is no backgound ventilation installed. This regulation has been in effect since 15th June 2022

Do I need Trickle Vents if I already have a wall ventilator in my room?

When replacing a window in a room where there is already a wall ventilator present which meets the minimum equivalent areas in Approved Document F, volume 1, no further background ventilation needs to be added after replacing the windows.

Where there is an open-flued appliance in the room, there should be permanently open air vents to supply the air for combustion. These air vents are there to meet Part J requirements. These air vents should not be considered as existing ventilation for Part F and therefore extra vents should be installed.

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