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Door Cylinders

The SDH range of Euro Door Cylinders will fit all multipoint door locks. This comprehensive collection of cylinder locks includes a range of options to choose from including High Security 3 Star Cylinders, Keyed Alike (Singles), Keyed Alike (Pairs), Thumbturn Cylinders, and Easy Access Thumbturns Cylinders in a range of sizes and finishes to match your door furniture.

Explore the rest of our external door furniture collection including external door handles, bell pushes, door knobs, and door knockers.

Explore more of our products, such as our Stable Bolt Doors, Door Accessories and our Sliding and Folding Door Kits.

We offer a keyed alike service that is bespoke to your home and doors. This service allows for one key to fit multiple locks within a building, for example, your front door and back door. This service usually takes around 3-5 days to deliver so please contact our sales team for more information and pricing if this is of interest to you.

On top of the products listed below, we can source many different finishes, Master Key Systems, and a range of different sizes. If you can't find the product you require please contact our sales team who will be happy to try to help source the product you need.

If you're a tradesperson looking to set up a trade account with us to buy products in bulk, please create an account via our trade account registration page.

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What Size Door Cylinder Do I Need?

To determine the dimensions of your euro cylinder lock, measure from the center screw hole to the outer edges. This yields two measurements, which together represent the size of your door lock. The sum of these two measurements should match the overall length of the cylinder. For instance, a 40/40 configuration would total 80mm in length. The measurements for A and B should equal C if you measured your cylinder correctly.

You can also follow our handy video guide to determine the dimensions of your euro cylinder lock:

How to Change A Door Cylinder

What is a Euro Cylinder Lock?

A Euro Cylinder lock, also known as a pin tumbler lock, is a popular locking system used in lock cases. It features a cylindrical profile with up to eleven pins, providing security for both domestic and commercial properties. Euro Cylinder locks are designed with a standardised profile, allowing them to fit a wide range of doors and locking systems in the UK and Europe

What types of door cylinders does SD Hardware offer?

There are three main types: Full Euro Cylinder Lock (double cylinder, operated from both sides), Half Euro Cylinder Lock (single cylinder, accessed with a key from one side), and Thumb Turn Cylinder Lock (key on one side, knob on the other for easy exit).

I need to replace a Door Cylinder. How do I do this?

Replacing a door cylinder, often referred to as a Euro cylinder or lock barrel, is a relatively straightforward process. You can follow our detailed step by step guide which leads you through the process start to finish.

Do you offer keying options for door cylinders, such as keyed alike or master key systems?

SDH provides a diverse range of keying options to cater to your specific needs. By default, individual door cylinders come with their unique key or key set. However, we also offer the convenience of keyed alike cylinder pairs, which are ready to ship at the time of purchase, allowing a single key to operate both locks. One common application for keyed alike pairs is for residential front and back doors, streamlining access for homeowners. Should you require additional matching cylinders, we offer keyed alike singles. You can achieve this by ordering multiple units of the same cylinder in a single purchase. Please note that mulitple keyed alike cylinders are made to order and will extend duration of the shipping process. Contact us for more details.

Are the door cylinders at SD Hardware tested and certified to meet industry standards for durability and security?

There are two main certifications when it comes to testing and certifying door cylinders. BS EN 1303 is a British classification system defining safety and security tests for locks. It assigns eight digits to a cylinder, indicating its effectiveness in various tests, ranging from corrosion resistance to torque resistance. TS007 is a security rating for locks tested against attacks like picking or bumping. It provides a star rating (1 or 3) to indicate the level of security against unwarranted access methods.

What is the significance of the number of pins in a Euro Cylinder Lock?

The number of pins in a Euro Cylinder lock determines its level of security. More pins generally provide increased complexity, making the lock more resistant to picking and other unauthorised access methods.

What is the difference between a one star and a three star euro cylinder?

The British Standard TS007 uses a star rating kite mark system to indicate the level of security a cylinder provides. Kitemarked door cylinders can be awarded either 1 star or 3 stars. The stars represent different levels of security features and testing. : The level of security needed depends on your specific requirements and concerns. While a 3-star cylinder offers the highest security, a 1-star cylinder, when combined with a 2-star security product, can also provide robust protection.

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