Below you will find guidelines and best practice for fitting hardware to all types of timber species including the slightly more acidic species such as Oak, Accoya and Cedar where corrosion can sometimes be a higher risk.

At SDH we recommend you also refer to the Accoya technical training manual by Accsys and the BWF for further information and guidance.

Please be aware that ALL timber species contain acetic acid to varying degrees, so we highly recommend that you follow these guidelines in all window and door construction regardless of timber species.

To honour the Mechanical guarantee on hardware (there is no such guarantee for the aesthetic i.e. the finish) we will require the following to have been completed.


We recommend that all mortice lock housings Euro grooves or other cut outs are generously coated with end grain sealer, epoxy resin or form of impermeable barrier.

Below are some other positions that should be considered if applicable. Machine screws, spindle and euro cylinder apertures (Doors), machine screws and spindle apertures (Windows), Letter plate apertures and fixing holes, drainage holes in glazing, knob’s and knockers’ fixings holes, mortice hinges on doors and windows, flush bolts or any other ancillary products that require morticing or drilling into the finished timber section.


Stainless steel fixings of grade 304 A2 or higher (SDH stainless steel screws KTM`s) should be used in all hardware fixing points without exception.

PTFE Spray

We recommend this product to surface coat hardware (not handles or furniture) where extra protection is required, for instance, in coastal areas where salt and high moisture levels are present. Recommended Hardware from SDH for species of higher acidity levels and coastal location.

In conjunction with best practice guidelines we recommend the following hardware to perform best in relation to this paper;

Window Hardware

Yale Rapide window espag and keeps which are predominantly constructed of anodised Aluminium and plastic (Test data available).

Securistyle Friction stainless steel 304 (A2) hinges.

KTX Stainless steel 305 (A2) Wood screws.

Single Doors 

ERA doors locks which have a 304 (A2) Stainless steel face plate and solid brass forged locking points which include the shoot bolts.

French Doors

Viper French slave and master door lock which is 304 (A2) Stainless steel faceplate and solid brass forged locking points which includes stainless steel shootbolts.


FHS4325 4.3x25mm Dome head stainless steel friction hinge screws.

KTX Stainless steel 305 (A2) Wood screws.

Other Considerations

Other factors to consider that will mitigate risk of hardware corrosion during transportation and storage would be;

• Good site practice

• Avoid condensation with ventilation



Post By Lewis Haddock